Medical Donations

Sri Lanka is a south Asian country and its known to its free health system. The country is maintaining a good primary and tertiary health system with minimum facilities free of charge yet achieving very good health indexes. However, recent economic crisis has greatly affected this health system due to lack of foreign currency reserves to maintain the medical supplies. This has put the entire health system in a huge stress because of the shortage of equipment’s and consumables. However, the health authorities are in a constant struggle to maintain essential health services for 22 million population in the country.

We are Silvia Foundation, registered charity organization in UK aiming to supply medical and other support to Sri Lanka. We are collecting and sending essential health equipment, consumables and sending Sri Lanka. These includes usable disability equipment and any other medical equipment. Please contact us for more information.

Medical Equipment

We Sylvia Lanka Foundation Foundation shipped one container load of Medical equipment to distribute the base hospital of North Central Province and teaching hospital Anuradapura

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Participating and contributing there would be a tremendous benefit to your organisation:
That you can afford and provide improvement to children’s lives and welfare. Some of your staff could spend some time volunteering their knowledge, know-how and expertise during the holiday season and, at the same time, have a holiday in the resort area of the island of Sri Lanka
Already the above programs are pretty advanced. We’ve already shipped 29 containers of hospital products to Sri Lanka. Hon. David Simmonds, MP CBE for Ruislip, Pinner and Northwood, has extensively advocated for the program. Currently, Sri Lanka has had a devastating effect on the health system, and for a small country, this is unbearable, economically and socially devastating.